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Tailor-Made Elevator Sills

Your tenants deserve an attractive, modern elevator. Contact Archi-Tread®, Inc. in Kinnelon, New Jersey, for tailor-made elevators sills in a wide range of designs and finishes.

Unlimited Styles & Finishes

With our custom fabrication services you can match the style of your existing hardware, or update the look of your elevator with a fresh, modern design. Our sills are the perfect way to revitalize your elevator cab and hoistway.  If you have used Blum elevator sills in the past, you will be happy with the quality you can receive at a better price.

The Perfect Fit

Every elevator is different, so we create our sills specifically for your property. They are available in virtually any:

Size | Length | Width | Finish | Speed


Removing your existing elevator sill is a laborious process that risks damaging your flooring and the surroundings. We are proud to introduce "SILLSKINS®." This overlay improves the appearance of your elevator without the need for traditional "chopping out" of your existing sill. SILLSKINS® are installed by professionally trained and licensed installers. These quality replacement sills will compare in quality with the Blum products.

New Construction

Impress your client with a state-of-the-art elevator system. We furnish sills for new construction projects, and can match any OEM size. Usually, customers want us to match the finish of the entrance frame and doors, but we can also match the cab's front wall for an elegant, unified look. Our sills ship completely assembled and consist of an aluminum base with SILLSKINS® applied.


A damaged sill is unattractive and can be dangerous. If you have an old Westinghouse™ or Otis™ sill, you will have trouble finding a replacement. No one stocks those models anymore. Call Archi-Tread®, Inc. We offer custom fabrication to match your exact dimensions that will match your existing installation with a  speedy delivery.


Adding a new floor and need to raise the height of the sill? Archi-Tread® has the ability to raise the sill height as little as 1/16" or higher, without removing the existing sill and surroundings.