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Tailor-Made Elevator Sills

Your tenants deserve an attractive, modern elevator. Contact Archi-Tread®, Inc. in Kinnelon, New Jersey, for tailor-made elevators sills in a wide range of designs and finishes.

Unlimited Styles & Finishes

With our custom fabrication services you can match the style of your existing hardware, or update the look of your elevator with a fresh, modern design. Our sills are the perfect way to revitalize your elevator cab and hoistway.  

The Perfect Fit

Every elevator is different, so we create our sills specifically for your property. They are available in virtually any:

Size | Length | Width | Finish | Speed



A field installed overlay onto the existing entrance sill. Providing a premium finish at a cost effective price. Typical installation is completed within hours by an Archi-Tread® authorized and trained mechanic. No longer is there a need to chop out the existing sill!

New Construction


The solution for new construction projects to ensure the elevator sill finishes are in pristine condition at turn-over. A pre-engineered extruded aluminum base sill is furnished by Archi-Tread®, Inc. which is installed by the elevator contractor during the elevator installation phase. Once the heavy building construction is completed an Archi-Tread®, Inc. authorized and trained mechanic will field apply the SILLSKIN® cladding. Providing a sill in pristine condition at turnover.

Furnish Only


A low cost option to fully extruded premium finish sills by utilizing an extruded aluminum base and a SILLSKIN® cladding in the approved finish of choice. SILLSKIN® Entrance and Cab sills are factory designed and fabricated to match each job specifications. SILLSKIN® Sills are shipped to and installed by the elevator contractor.


A damaged sill is unattractive and can be dangerous. If you have an old Westinghouse™ or Otis™ sill, you will have trouble finding a replacement. No one stocks those models anymore. Call Archi-Tread®, Inc. We offer custom fabrication to match your exact dimensions that will match your existing installation with a  speedy delivery.


Adding a new floor and need to raise the height of the sill? Archi-Tread® has the ability to raise the sill height as little as 1/16" or higher, without removing the existing sill and surroundings.